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-Dave Gay


Press Release -Another Reason to End America’s Membership in the UN

JOHN WALLACE – Candidate for Congress in New York‘s 20th Congressional District has issued the following press release entitled:

It should also be pointed out that the United Nation’s Human Rights Council includes some of the world’s worst human-rights violators, including China, Russia, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. This same UN Human Rights Council has previously urged the United States to halt the post 9-11 racial profiling of Americans of Arab, Muslim and South Asian descent. At the same time, the United Nation’s Human Rights Council has ignored the fact that United Nations’ own peacekeepers in Africa are currently raping women in the Congo and have turned a blind eye to the man-made starvation of millions in southern Africa. In the arena of human rights, the United Nations is not only morally bankrupt, but it is rapidly becoming an irrelevant institution.
Doudou Diene has a clear record against freedom of speech and free expression when it comes to Islam. Mr. Diene had criticized Danish newspapers when they published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, accusing them of placing their country’s right of free speech above fighting religious intolerance and incitement to religions hatred against Muslims. It would appear that Mr. Diene would not be a supporter of the First Amendment of the US Constitution either.
As we all know, copies of the Quran are available in almost any bookstore in America and the book is studied in countless American universities, while Christians and other non-Muslims in Saudi Arabia are not even allowed to possess a copy of their holy books. The Saudi government routinely desecrates and burns Bibles that its security forces confiscate at immigration points coming into the country or during raids on Christian expatriates worshiping privately. Just days before Crown Prince Abdullah recently met with President Bush, two Christian gatherings in Saudi Arabia were raided in Riyadh where Bibles and crosses were confiscated to be eventually incinerated.  Why hasn’t the United Nations’ Human Rights Council sent Mr. Diene to investigate Saudi Arabia’s overt religious intolerance and persecution of non-Muslims? Why hasn’t the United Nations sent Mr. Diene to investigate the anti-Christian persecution and murders in Albania and Kosovo committed by the Muslim governments? It’s because a very clear double standard now exists at the United Nations.
American taxpayers contribute approximately $5 Billion a year to the operations of the United Nations, which devotes much of its double-standard energy to shielding dictatorial regimes, attempting to usurp individual nations’ sovereignty and promoting a future new world order in which UN bureaucrats will be in charge. Worst of all, the United Nations serves as an on-going forum for rampant anti-American and anti-democratic diatribes.  
The United Nations has been granted no authority over the American people or our government because the UN does not derive its powers from the consent of the American people. Americans need to stop thinking that the United Nations has some legitimate, legal authority over our country.  It does not! Americans have a choice. We can follow the U.S. Constitution and protect our freedoms, liberties and sovereignty, or we can continue to contribute billions of dollars to a bottomless pit and submit to the unconstitutional interference by the United Nations in our country’s internal affairs.
In this particular investigation into racism and ‘Islamophobia’ in the USA, Mr. Diene is interfering in our country’s internal affairs and he is hardly an objective reporter or an impartial judge of racial conditions, xenophobia and other related intolerance in America. Indeed, Mr. Diene will find a great deal more racial, religious and ethnic intolerance and persecution in his own backyard in Africa and the Middle East .
Perhaps, the time has finally come for Americans to rethink the value of our membership and participation in the United Nations.  The evidence is clear. Not only should we get out of the United Nations, but maybe it is also time for the United Nations to get out of the United States as well.
I support the “American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2007” (HR-1146), introduced by Rep. Ron Paul, to end the membership of the United States in the United Nations.
For additional information, contact:

John Wallace
Candidate for Congress
New York’s 20th Congressional District
Tel: 518-392-7062 Fax: 877-875-5704

Steven Vasquez- Needs help getting on the ballot!



This is it folks! We now have an opportunity to make a difference and get Steven on the ballot for his Congressional race in the NY 21st District.  We will finally have a Constitutionalist who is running to cut the excessive spending overseas, balance the budget at home, stop runaway gas and food prices by strengthening the dollar, and restore our freedoms and rights by eliminating the Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, and the Real-ID. Steven is running to represent you, the people; not the special interests or lobbyists.Let’s show how strong our determination and motivation to get the government out of our lives and pocket books. Let’s show them how strong our grassroots in the 21st District is so they can hear about it in Washington. But we need your help to make this happen.

Starting on June 3rd, the petition drive begins to collect as many signatures as possible to show a strong showing for the primary. We need as many able bodies to go around your own neighborhoods to have people simply sign the petition. It will only take a couple of hours a night, but it will go a long way towards spreading freedom. It is also a lot of fun.

Who we Need:
*Volunteers to gather signatures.
*Notaries to witness the signatures.
*Drivers to help teams of petitioners to get around the neighborhood.

Please email Steven at stevenvasquez@yahoo.com to RSVP or if you have questions as soon as possible.  Please indicate what party you are registered under. 

We will have training sessions on May 28th in the Albany Public Library at Washington Ave at 7PM, where we will give out the petitions and provide important instructions. We will have additional sessions available on May 29th and June 2nd, locations to be announced..

For freedom,
Steven Vasquez
U.S. Representative Candidate, NY 21st District

Overview: The Constitution- Michael Badnarik



Tuesday, May 13, 2008 at 8:00 PM


conference call: 8:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM CST, 6:00 PM MST; 5:00 PM PST
605-475-4333 code 280097#



8:00PM EST Parliamentarian Expert Dr. Steve Parent


Lenny Roberto 2nd Fundraiser a success-

We had a great time at Lenny Roberto’s fundraiser for his campaign for the 142nd Assembly seat at the Valley Inn in Clarence New York.

There was a Chinese Auction with great prizes, such as Maple Syrup and essential oils,  Wine and

many other useful gifts. 

Try to make the next one!

Here are some pictures!

 You can contribute to Lenny’s Campaign here: Http://friendsofroberto.com.

All Contributions are really appreciated!

Let’s take back New York one district at a time!


News from North Carolina: Paul supporters Lawson and Jones win NC primaries!


B.J. Lawson, making his first run for office, and Walter Jones, a 7-term incumbent, both scored impressive victories.
by George Dance
Thursday, May 8, 2008
Ron Paul supporters William (B.J.) Lawson and Walter Jones both won primary victories in North Carolina on May 6. Lawson received 70% of the Republican vote in the 4th Congressional District (CD-4), while Jones took 60% in CD-3. RPR site RonPaul.com reports that both “were endorsed by Ron Paul.” (1)

Lawson, a medical doctor turned entrepreneur, is making his first run for political office. He introduced Ron Paul at Paul’s presidential campaign rally this month in Durham, which is in CD-4. (2)

Otherwise Lawson did not stress his connection to Paul. His opponent, Rev. Augustus Cho, did that for him, calling him “a Ron Paul Libertarian, 100%! Go to his webpage, and everything he stands for is right there! I call him Ron Paul Jr. because that’s what he is.” (3) (Lawson’s later response: “No, I’m a Ron Paul Republican.”)

Lawson now goes up against David Price, CD-4’s 10-term Democratic incumbent.

In CD-3, Walter Jones is the incumbent. Formerly a Democrat, he switched to Republican and won the seat in 1994 as part of the “Contract With America” campaign. Sometimes called a liberal due to his political past and his post-2005 opposition to the Iraq War, Jones in fact enjoys an American Conservative Union lifetime rating of 92. Newt Gingrich also endorsed him in the primary.

Jones is a member of the congressional Liberty Caucus. According to Wikipedia, he “endorsed Ron Paul in the 2008 race for president of the United States.” (4)


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