Steven Vasquez-Ron Paul Republican-U.S. Congress, NY 21st

Steven Vasquez

Ron Paul Republican
U.S. Congress, NY 21st

A Tech Valley business entrepreneur focused on saving our economy

(Please forward to your Meetup Groups, MySpace and Facebook friends)

Dear Fellow Ron Paul Supporters,

We have fought an uphill battle to help spread Ron Paul’s message in his ongoing Presidential race. In NY, I worked diligently with many of you across the state and the country to give Dr. Paul 7% of the vote in NY for the Super Tuesday primary. Now, I am taking up the calling from Ron Paul to continue the movement by running for Congress in the 21st District in NY, the fighting 21st.

The 21st consists of the Capital District of Albany, Troy, Schenectady and the surrounding counties of Schoharie, Montgomery, and parts of Fulton and Saratoga. With the retirement of Rep. McNulty, the seat is open without an incumbent. While there are up to 5 Democrats fighting for their primary, there are no Republicans officially running though there is one other considering.

We need a business person in Congress to protect our national sovereignty, eliminate the deficit, and restore the strength of the U.S. dollar. I believe in following the Constitution, restoring our civil liberties, and getting the government out of our pockets.

This is a race we can win, but I need your help to get there. Visit, and sign up to be a volunteer and donate. In order to have a strong showing for my official announcement on March 21st (First day of Spring and New Hope), I need your help.

Your contribution of $100 will go a long way towards spreading our message of responsible spending and freedom. For those who can not afford it this week, a symbolic donation of $21 or any amount you can spare will go a long way towards the sign of strength that our movement carries.

Follow these 4 steps towards freedom…remember, that this one step to initiate hope, multiplied by many, leads to change:

1. Please visit and donate at least $75, $21, or $10.

2. Join Steven’s Myspace Page at:

3. Become a supporter of Steven’s Facebook page at:…ez/12851159663

4. Send this message to 4 or more your like-minded friends.
Hope does not only come from those seeking an office in government. True hope can only be created from you.

For freedom,
Steven Vasquez
U.S. Representative Candidate, NY 21st District

Peace, Liberty, and Prosperity

Give Today at:


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