Ron Paul Endorses David Gay for US Congress!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 22nd, 2008 SYRACUSE, NEW YORK CONGRESSMAN RON PAUL (R-TX) ENDORSES DAVID GAY FOR U.S. CONGRESS In a statement released Monday afternoon by his Chief of Staff, Congressman Ron Paul announced his support of David Gay, who is running for the U.S. House as a Republican in the 25th District of New York State. The statement read as follows: “I believe David Gay is the best qualified candidate to serve in the US Congress from the 25th district of New York. David would make a strong replacement for Jim Walsh, who recently announced his retirement. David believes very strongly in the traditional Republican principles of constitutionally limited government and free enterprise. I am happy to give him my endorsement.” — Ron Paul Three other Republicans are competing for the GOP endorsement for this seat. They are: Mark Paul Serafin, Bob Oaks, and Dale Sweetland. Republican Committee members will vote on their choice at a Convention on May 1st in Onondaga County, New York SOURCE: David Gay (315) 877-8173 Donate Online:


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