David Gay for US Congress-NY to force a Primary!-David Gay Moneybomb – May 31st

Update on David Gay for US Congress-New York Congressional District 25-Republican

Endorsed by Ron Paul

David Gay Moneybomb – May 31st

Last night, Dale Sweetland, a party darling, won the GOP endorsement for the Congressional seat in the 25th District of N.Y. State. Although Bob Oaks had raised over $100,000 and Sweetland had raised even less than I did (around $3,000), old party tricks won out and Sweetland got 95% of the vote!

Knowing full well that most GOP Committees do not represent actual voters, there will be a primary, and I will be the one to initiate it.

I will announce my intention to primary with a press conference on May 26th, and hope you all can give me a fundraising boost at the end of that week.

Thank you to everyone from across the nation who has donated so far. If it weren’t for you, I may have dropped out by now. I realize, however, that this message is too important! WE are the future of the Republican Party, and the future of this great nation!

This race is mine to win. Time to spread Dr. Paul’s message to the masses!

Warmest Regards,

David A. Gay, Sr.
Republican for U.S. Congress
N.Y. State – 25th District


Please email your pledge for May 31st to: davidandrewgay@yahoo.com


“I believe David Gay is the best qualified candidate to serve in the US Congress from the 25th district of New York. David would make a strong replacement for Jim Walsh, who recently announced his retirement. David believes very strongly in the traditional Republican principles of constitutionally limited government and free enterprise. I am happy to give him my endorsement.”

— Ron Paul


One response to “David Gay for US Congress-NY to force a Primary!-David Gay Moneybomb – May 31st

  1. Let’s all get behind this guy!

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